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B2B and B2C Sales

We support both B2B and B2C sales. We help designers sell B2C through online channels, and also work with retail buyers, on a wholesale basis (B2B), to get designers into high street stores. We aim to give designers the best options to get products out to market.

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Who Can Sell on Breakthemold?

Anyone can sell their products on Breakthemold as long as they
a) Are the originator of the product they wish to sell
b) Have the ability to ship listed products to customers within an agreed timescale
c) The products are not harmful, illegal, or defamatory
d) Ship from within the EU

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We offer customers a seven-day returns policy. In the event that you need to return a product, please contact us on shop@breakthemold.co.uk immediately. We will coordinate a return and issue a refund for the value of the goods, including shipping costs (providing they are received in good condition). This does not apply to goods that are made to order.

Full details on our returns policy and procedure are available in section 30 of our Terms and Supply.

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We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Electron. Wholesale buyers also have access to purchase order options.

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Adding Design Concepts

The first step is to create an account and complete your personal profile. Once that is complete you can begin creating product profiles. When you create a product profile, your project is private by default. You can then choose to ‘Add Collaborators’ where you can control who has visibility of your project, and who can contribute feedback.

Adding New Design Concepts

Criteria for using the Design Platform for developing:

  1. You must be the originator of the design concept
  2. You are not copying or infringing upon another person’s design
  3. Design concepts are legal and are intended for legal use – they do not carry risk of severe injury, and are not intended to inflict harm on others in any way.

Any design concepts that pose a risk to others well being will be removed from the platform and/or the user’s account or suspended at our sole discretion. This includes design concepts that contain or are used for: hate speech, defamatory remarks, violence, or illegal actions.

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Who can use the Design Studio?

In short – the product design industry.

We work with a complete network of specialists from across the product development industry. This ranges from established product design brands, who use our service to complement their existing sales channels, to students who are looking for guidance alongside their academic curriculum. We are working with most of the London Design Universities to give students greater access to the commercial side of product design, with the goal of giving them a meaningful chance of self-employment upon graduation. The majority of our users are emerging designers and professional design teams working as a small studio.

If you are not a designer, but have an idea that you wish to progress, you can still use the Design Platform. However, it’s important to understand that we don’t take design concepts and develop them for you. If you are interested in progressing an idea yourself and driving it to completion, we can provide you with a significant number of resources. Upon completion of the product design process, we can also help you market and sell your designs.

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Breakthemold doesn’t stock the same old products that you see being sold everywhere else – we work with designers who produce new and exciting designs. As every product and designer is unique, every product has it’s own shipping lead times. We display these on each product page, and aim to meet these estimations.

Delivery of wholesale orders will be subject to lead times based on the volume of products ordered. Breakthemold works with buyers and sellers to establish agreeable delivery schedules before purchase orders are finalised.

If for some reason things seem to be taking longer than expected, or you have any queries, please feel free to send us an email on shop@breakthemold.co.uk. Please include the relevant purchase order number in order to make it easier for us to help you.

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Commission and Mark Up

Breakthemold is unique in that we cater for both B2C and B2B audiences.

B2C Pricing
When we work with you to sell B2C, we act as the retailer and will agree a retail mark-up to add to the wholesale prices you provide. We don’t have a set mark-up, as we prefer to work with designers to align our pricing with existing channels and supplier relationships. On that basis, when providing your product information on the Product Listing page, you can specify both a wholesale price and a recommended retail price (RRP) for each of your products.

B2 Mark Up


B2B Pricing

When we work with you to sell B2B we agree a commission based on the wholesale price of a product. Typically, the commission is in the region of 10% of the wholesale price. However every product line is different. So we allow designers to propose commission rates on a product by product basis. We’d rather work with you to establish a fee structure that works for your product and the retailers we work with.


We work with most of our designers on both B2C and B2B channels. This means we typically agree both retail mark up and commission structure for each product.

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Do my designs need to be selected?

In short, no, your products will not go through a selection process.

We believe that crowd opinions can be good for measuring whether a product has found an audience. Lets just say, we support designers in creating a product to completion without the constraints of a predetermined market.

We also believe that designers who work on products they really care about have a vision of what needs to be – they don’t necessarily want to build their masterpieces based on other’s expectations.

Curation has it’s place, but within the context of our Design Platform we don’t assume to be able to ‘pick winners’ in the market any better than the next person. We’re not here to set a fixed opinion about what ‘good design’ is.

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How does IP protection work?

The Design Studio is structured to give you full control of your work and you can choose your privacy settings for your projects.

Our Terms of Use specifically prevent us (or anyone on the platform) from using, or copying a design without putting a commercial agreement in place with the designer. We do not license designs before taking them through product development. Our Process is based on bringing resources to you in order for you to better develop your design concepts, without worrying about losing your IP. Furthermore, when a design profile is created on Breakthemold, it is time stamped – this gives designers a record of when their design concept was ‘published’ and helps protect the designer’s IP.

Breakthemold loves working with designers, and by helping you we get access to innovative new products, which we can promote on our marketplace.

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