Who can sell on Breakthemold?

Anyone can sell their products on Breakthemold as long as they
a) Are the originator of the product they wish to sell
b) Have the ability to ship listed products to customers within an agreed timescale
c) The products are not harmful, illegal, or defamatory
d) Ship from within the EU

Getting Started

Create an account by completing the registration form at:

What happens after I create an account?

Once you have created an account, you will immediately be given access to the Design Platform dashboard. You can create a personal profile and when ready you can create profiles for your design concepts or upload details of products you have available for sale.

B2B and B2C Sales

We support both B2B and B2C sales. We help designers sell B2C through online channels, and also work with retail buyers, on a wholesale basis (B2B), to get designers into high street stores. We aim to give designers the best options to get products out to market.

What product categories are you looking for?

We LOVE products that help solve a problem – products that fill a need. We also like unique, bright, colourful designs that catch the eye. We like the things we haven’t seen yet. So be innovative – surprise us!

No nuclear reactors. No fashion. No shoes.

Supported Countries

The Breakthemold Design Platform is open for use in any country. This means that design studios, retailers and industry specialists can connect with one another internationally. Our Marketplace is only available for trade between businesses and individuals within the European Union at present.

I’m not sure my products fit within your existing ranges

We appreciate that your designs may not fit within the range on our public store – that might happen if you have a very focused, niche audience. If that’s the case, we work with you to list your products exclusively for viewing by wholesale buyers, and do not publish the product(s) on the open consumer site. This is a way for the designer to target a specific audience of B2B customers.

Adding my product information

Once you have registered on Breakthemold and signed into your account, you will have access to a dashboard of options. Select ‘Sell my products’, where you can then provide your company and product information required to enable your profile on the Breakthemold Marketplace.
The information required to activate your Seller profile is divided into 3 main sections:
1) Your Profile – this is to your personal and company brand infromation
2) Product Listings – where you can add relevant product, pricing and wholesale information
3) Invoicing – where you provide your banking details for receiving payment and invoices
Each section will be marked with a blue ‘active’ light once correctly completed, and you can press the ‘Request Approval’ button when you are ready for your profile to be checked and made publicly visible. We will then process the form information and create a designer profile page and product pages on the Breakthemold marketplace. The information provided also becomes part of your commercial contract, and relates to the Terms of Supply. Therefore it is important to ensure that the information provided is accurate. If you wish to update any of your product information on the Marketplace, you can update your information at any time.

I heard Breakthemold is free to designers, is that right?

That’s correct! We offer a FREE product development resource to our designers. We provide free services in order to best support designers in getting their products developed. Once they go to market, we agree a retail mark up (if B2C) or sales commission (if B2B) in order to cover our end of things.

We believe that the best products are those created by people with a vision. We believe in the startups, teams, and individuals who work on project they are passionate about. And we’re here to help in the process.

Commission and Mark-Up

Breakthemold is unique in that we cater for both B2C and B2B audiences.

B2C Pricing
When we work with you to sell B2C, we act as the retailer and will agree a retail mark-up to add to the wholesale prices you provide. We don’t have a set mark-up, as we prefer to work with designers to align our pricing with existing channels and supplier relationships. On that basis, when providing your product information on the Product Listing page, you can specify both a wholesale price and a recommended retail price (RRP) for each of your products.

B2 Mark Up


B2B Pricing

When we work with you to sell B2B we agree a commission based on the wholesale price of a product. Typically, the commission is in the region of 10% of the wholesale price. However every product line is different. So we allow designers to propose commission rates on a product by product basis. We’d rather work with you to establish a fee structure that works for your product and the retailers we work with.


We work with most of our designers on both B2C and B2B channels. This means we typically agree both retail mark up and commission structure for each product.

Factors to consider when pricing your products

Pricing is a challenging part of successfully developing and selling a product (and developing your business). Products and industry sectors vary significantly so there are very few set rules. There are a few guidelines which are worth considering when setting or reviewing your product pricing.

Retail mark-ups vary considerably from one sector to another, as shown by the table below:

Retail Mark Up


It’s worth noting that these figures are averages. At product level, there will be many items which are marked up by 200% or more. You don’t have to look far to see examples. If you purchase a coca cola in a restaurant, you will frequently pay 200-300% mark-up. Which raises the point – Products that allow higher retail mark-ups are more attractive to retailers. On that basis, it’s worth taking the time to create a pricing structure capable of supporting a good retail markup where possible.

Who pays for Postage and Shipping?

Designers set rates for postage and shipping on a per products basis. Shipping costs vary depending on the product and the shipping destination. Each product page gives information on shipping options, and items that qualify for free shipping are specifically noted.

How does payment work?

When a retail customer places an order for a product on the Breakthemold marketplace, they will be required to pay via debit/credit card. We then authorise the transaction and ensure that the customer is able to make payment (the credit card processing company allocates the funds to us, but does not complete the transaction). An order is then sent to the designer, providing the shipping details for the buyer.

When the designer ships the products, he confirms the shipment by sending us the details via email at: Breakthemold then completes the transaction and accepts payment from the buyer. The designer invoices Breakthemold and is subsequently paid his wholesale fee plus shipping costs for the products sent out.

When a wholesaler places an order for products via Breakthemold, they are required to send us a purchase order. We then agree payment terms with the designer and the retailer to establish a workable transaction. This is typically net 30 days.


Am I required to pay any fees?

Good news! No you dont! We pay the fee’s for the stand. Pretty good right!? We work with a wide cross section of designers and curate products to develop an appealing stand for trade buyers. We provide designers with free access to trade shows as a way of matching our online showcase with a real-world environment so that designer get maximum exposure for their products.

As the designer benefitting from the showcase, it is up to you to make your products available in time for the event. That means sending us display products on an agreed date in the build up to each trade show. As you can imagine, we have a huge demand for places, so part of our selection criteria is to work with designers who are eager to participate and help keep the planning process running smoothly by doing their bit on time.

What commissions do you suggest for my products?

The commission rates on each product line is set on a product by product basis, and it’s up to the designer to set that rate. Commissions are always a percentage of wholesale prices, and usually around 10% or more. You can see more details in our Business Terms section of the site, and the article on commissions.

What about follow up sales?

Our approach is that if we secure a new client for you, then we will manage that client. Orders orders will be placed via our website and subject to the pre-agreed commissions on each product line.

What about my existing retailer relationships?

We work with designers in a lot of different ways, and we have no intention of upsetting anyones existing supply relationships. On that basis, it’s up to you to decide which products you would like to sell through us, to which regions.
In addition, when you receive trade orders via us, we always provide you with visibility of who the underlying customer is. So any conflicts can be disclosed or negotiated ahead of time.

Secondly, as the designer, you are not committed to supply anyone who you don’t want to supply. So if a particular retailer approached you via the Breakthemold trade shows or marketplace, you are entitled to turn the business away if you don’t feel it’s right for you. For any reason.

What about my other channels?

We don’t ask for exclusivity on any products. So you can continue to sell through other channels that you may have developed. What we do require, is that you provide us with consistent pricing relative to other channels you have. In turn, we are then able to offer end customers with consistent price points on each product line, and gives a more professional view of your brand.

How do you check new trade buyers?

We do have selection criteria in who we will deal with on the wholesale side of the market. For instance, we don’t sell to online only retailers. Each retailer must have at least one physical store where your products can be showcased in a manner that is in keeping with the design standard we have established.

Can we demonstrate our own products?

No unfortunately not. We staff the stands with our own team. From a practical perspective, we’d end up with a huge crowd of designers on our stand if everyone wanted to attend. That said, there’s nothing stopping you from coming to visit so you can cheer loudly amongst the crowds of interested trade buyers!

How do payment terms and invoicing work?

Depending on the nature of the client we will occasionally require retailers to purchase goods up front. However larger retailers do typically work on trade terms of net 30 days.
All invoicing is with Breakthemold as this allows us to provide the retailers with an easy way to shop across multiple designers, without the cost and administration overhead of having each individual supplier on their books.

When do I get my products to you?

You’ll need to send them to us in London at an agreed date before the trade show. We will discuss this with you as we finalise the curation of the stand.

Ok great, how do I start?

Register. Add your product listings, and complete your profile, and you’re set!


Does Breakthemold integrate with other E-commerce sites?

Yes, the Breakthemold Marketplace integrates with Facebook, eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping. We actively run marketing campaigns across all of these channels, in addition to the marketing activity we undertake for products on our Marketplace.

Does Breakthemold promote products for designers?

Yes we do! Breakthemold runs integrated digital marketing campaigns to promote new products. We do this via our marketplace and social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Furthermore, we run email and paid advertising campaigns through online channels to target a design conscious consumer audience, attend events and an ongoing circuit of design exhibitions, and engage in direct business development.

What’s your role with designers and retailers?

We act as an agent for designers. That means we work with designers and retailers to set up commercial agreements and manage the growth of the relationship – we take on the marketing, negotiations, legal contracting and planning between parties. When orders are placed via our marketplace, we will send them through to designers directly. Designers are responsible for shipping and fulfilling orders.