World’s First 3D Printed Supercar does 0-60 in 2.2 Seconds

[embed][/embed] The automobile industry has been relatively stagnant for the past several decades. While new car designs are released annually, and computer technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, the manufacturing processes and the effects that these processes have on our environment have remain relatively unchanged. Over the past decade or so, 3D printing has shown some promise in the manufacturing of automobiles, yet it has not quite lived up to its potential, at least according to Kevin Czinger, founder and CEO of a company called Divergent Microfactories (DM). The Blade 3D Printed SupercarToday, at the O’Reilly Solid Conference in San Francisco, Kevin Czinger is about to shock the world with a keynote presentation he will give titled, “Dematerializing Auto Manufacturing.”“Divergent...

Warning: reading damages ignorance

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"] This reimagined bookshelf rivals all of its more classical counterparts with style. Less is certainly more with this piece; the designer understands that it is possible to pull off simplicity with such elegant finesse. Notice the bravely plain architecture. Enhanced by american walnut veneer finished shelves, the shelves are complemented magnificently by the rather stark powder coated steel frame. Whatever Alex De Rouvray has done, we like it.[/caption] To the drawing room: The Severin Bookshelf by Alex de Rouvray

The Livescribe notebook by Moleskine ®

Now here is something worth getting excited about. Moleskine announced a little while ago designs for a new ‘Livescribe’ notepad, capable of recording your pen actions on paper. I.e. you can digitally reproduce onto a tablet or laptop what you have drawn in real time! Designed in parallel with the Livescribe Smartpen and the Livescribe app, this will have huge ramifications in the design industry. Utilising a special dot pattern printed on each paper sheet, the Smartpen's unique onboard infrared camera can distinguish between these dots while they remain invisible to the naked eye. Each page has a unique dot pattern so that it can determine specific pages. The livescribe smartpen also boasts audio capabilities. What!? You can record what you are thinking whilst jotting down a specific idea, and then playback whenever you wish!...

Yourshelf is the most important of all

We're all a little bit OCD when it comes to making the most out of space - especially these days where salt and pepper mills require their own shelves... That may be an exaggeration but you get the picture. These space-savers will enhance any modern home, and that is exactly where the fun begins. There are a whole host of designs ranging from a bathroom cabinet to a hallway mailbox and key holder. Linde&Linde certainly kept versatility in mind when coming up with this one. Jazz up your home with some Ledgeable shelving

Nanoleaves are blossoming this Autumn

Not a day goes past where it isn't repeatedly ingrained into our skulls that using less electricity and protecting our environment should be a way of life. The Nanoleaf bloom may not save our planet, but it does offer the first stepping stone towards achieving such a goal. In a nutshell, the Nanoleaf can transform any binary switch into a dimmer by means of an interesting bit of patented technology that means lighting output does not simply have to stick at 0% or 100%. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this product is that there are no hardware attachments, you don't have to make any electrical adjustments, the Nanoleaf is ready to go wherever you see fit, just plug in and enjoy! There is a great tutorial on how the switch works here. As you look deeper into the specifications, you will soon realise that this bulb is the most energy...

Is body part replacement a reality? Yes, yes it is

An extraordinary twist of fate in a young bone cancer sufferer's life allows us to demonstrate the extraordinary implications of 3D-printing technology. 12 year old Minghao is officially the only person to have a 3D-printed vertebrae section implanted into his own body. Created using a titanium powder that is "biocompatible, lightweight and strong" according to the printing team at the University of Peking, Beijing, this is yet another unprecedented step towards body part replacement, and a future of hope rather than misery as far as health is concerned. We've already seen 3D-printed hips, a jaw, even a skull, and we are now edging precariously towards the realm of organ production. Are we taking our first steps towards a healthcare revolution? Minghao still needs to be monitored and evaluated on his development, but early signs are...

Will the ice-cream Kickball inspire you to exercise more?

Introducing the Kickball ice cream maker - a genuinely awful creation that encourages children to do 20 minutes of exercise in order to eat unhealthily. Maybe we'd cut the creators some slack had they attempted to demonstrate the Kickball in action, and hint towards the health benefits. Sadly though, none of the images promoting the product are able to evoke any emotion that resemble the word 'fun'. It is with great regret that we fail to outline the positives of this product - this could be due to the fact that there are none. But if you do enjoy staring at a pretty odd looking ball (because lets face it, no-one can actually play with that thing, if it catches you in the face you could be seeing stars for a while) check out the Kickball in the link below. A potential secret santa gift if you can get it one cheaply, but you'll use it...