Developing and selling new products is difficult. More difficult than it should be. Whether it’s designing a prototype, sourcing a manufacturing partner, marketing or selling, no single place has all of the tools that a design professional might need. The industry is fragmented and difficult to navigate.

The challenges for individuals and companies have a number of implications for cities and local economies too. Particularly during tough economic times. Now more than ever, individuals and small teams need to be able to innovate and create new products and services so that they can make a living for themselves. Cities and economies need this form of growth to drive job creation and local contributions to GDP. We propose that we begin to collectively make a way forward, rather than try to individually find one.

Breakthemold is bringing together a community of creators, and providing a range of free services to help connect this industry more efficiently. Together a comprehensive framework is forming to design, manufacture and sell products more efficiently than ever before. Its’ a big exercise – one that we aren’t taking lightly – and we would like to invite you to participate in building these tools with us, so that everyone can benefit.



The greatest achievement of all is to leave society (and the world) a better, more positive place than you found it, no matter how small or large the measure.


The skills of designers and product creators are increasingly important in the face of tough economic times. We support designers to retain ownership of their products and grow their own businesses and economies.


A team of diverse specialists will outperform individuals over time. It is upon this basis that we welcome input and open collaboration with a wide range of professionals.


Technology is an enabler: Individuals now have access to global audiences, education and tools like never before. This allows anyone or any group to contribute to human endeavours large and small, better than ever before.


Creative communities with a cause are some of the most effective organisational structures. This embodies our cooperative learning environment in which designers peer review, refine, and improve their ability to solve human needs.


We believe that the world’s greatest products have yet to be uncovered. As individuals and businesses learn to leverage technology and collaborate in new ways, we will empower ourselves to tackle the worlds biggest problems.



Breakthemold is a privately funded company.

An initial investment round is due to be raised in 2015. If you would like to review an Investment Note and Term Sheet, please express your interest via email or the Contact Us page and one of the senior management team will provide you with the relevant information.